Author's Insider Tips Show How To Find What You Need To Enjoy Wine

You may be just getting interested in wine or already are and need some resources to help you EASILY understand the subject and find wine help without any snobbery. Just everyday wine knowledge and entertainment. Let me Help!

I've done the homework for you! First, after reading a whole pile of books, then helping you from behind a winery tasting room bar, and having tasted hundreds of wines, I've narrowed down exactly what you want to learn about wine. You want to know basics about wine, all about wine types, what makes a wine dry, wine tannins, red wine vs white wine, how to find books about wine, how to buy wine on line, what glasses to use, how to store wine. You have all sorts of questions and are looking for quick and down-to-earth answers. You don't want to have to learn a completely new vocabulary or five new languages! You came to the right place, I PROMISE! 

Follow these three steps to knowing and enjoying wine!

#1) Ham From Pigs Wine From Grapes ,my fun to read book that explains wine by using non-wine examples, will give you a quick education while entertaining you at the same time. (Also, not found in any other book, is an insiders guide to going wine tasting containing some of my secret tips to having an enjoyable outing in wine country.) Folks like you tell me all the time how they loved reading the book, usually going cover to cover in an afternoon or over a couple of evenings. Some have been enjoying wine for years but tell me they learned so much more. Click here to get yourself a copy as a start.

#2) Next, click on my Wine Item Store tab to find more to read, movies about wine or set in wine country; even that "movie about a wine competition" (Bottle Shock) that people who can't remember the title search for. Wine glasses, accessories like wine bottle openers and wine savers, wine racks and coolers and other useful items I've culled from the herd for you. I've narrowed down a selection of items that you will want to choose from and put them all in one convenient location to save you the time and confusion of searching through the hundreds and thousands of choices that are out there. Click to go shop my store.

#3) Now you're all set to POP! a cork. You can buy wine on line through some reputable sites that I've used in the past. These allow you to find wine bargains, order gift baskets, buy hard to get wines or join wine clubs. Joining a wine club through one of these sites is a way that I highly recommend for somebody who wants to expand their wine experience. Choices include monthly or bi-monthly deliveries of usually 2 or three bottles of red, white, mixed, from a specific state or country, from around the world or many other options delivered right to you or somebody you select to receive wine as a gift. The best feature is that they deliver right to your door!

*No guesswork, with winners only, many not available elsewhere,everyday value,money back satisfaction guarantee! Excellent Wine Clubs to suit your interests. Click now for - Excellent Wines, Great Values and ALWAYS $0 Shipping !

*The number 1 online wine retailer has never disappointed me. My first club was red wine from around the world and it was fantastic! I couldn't wait for my shipment each month to see which part of the world I'd be "visiting" through my three bottles. Great search features to quickly and easily narrow the search to fit your taste and your budget. Click the icon below for online satisfaction.

*These guys know how to locate great wines at great prices by travelling the world and visiting the sources. Sign up to receive their special finds that come to you via well written e-mails. These are great bargains you won't find anywhere else and even if you don't order you'll learn something interesting about wine people and places - Click to Find a Wine at

*Send a gift to somebody you care about on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or just to let them know you've thought about them:

*Join a wine club and other clubs like chocolate or cigars.  - Click--->  The Global Wine Club 


In Pursuit of Wine is my BLOG. This is where I write nonsense that is wine-inspired in some way or another. Link to other sites from my BLOGROLL.  


If you have any of these retailers near you, these are the places to routinely shop for your everyday wines and more:

Total Wine and More is a great store to shop, taste and learn about Wine!

BevMo!  If you have a BevMo! near you, get yourself a Club Bev membership cuz you're gonna want to get in on the 5 cent wine sales. Buy one and get another of the same bottle for only a nickel!

Cost Plus World Market has wine and accessories, furniture and other great stuff.


Other on-line resources for the wine-curious: is a site for finding retailers in your area or finding where the wine you're searching for can be found. Ratings, forums, and blogs connect you to other people and let you express your own opinions.  I like to see what's going on in the wine world. This site has jobs, real estate, wine and grapes for sale, industry events notices, etc.  Wine related real estate listed for sale here. Dare to dream!


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